“Right there. Oh my god, immediately. Yes, yes yes. Yoongi, fuck. You are loved by me a great deal.”

— flick or treat (m.)

в‡ў pairing | jungkook/readerв‡ў word c | 3,345в‡ў genre | e2l, fuckboy au, smutв‡ў summary | you hate jeon jungkook with every fiber of one’s being; but arousal does not discriminate between like and dislike.

в‡ў something wicked this real means cums, 1

в‡ў warnings/tags | fuckboy!jungkook, frat boy jungkook, hate fucking (sort of), non-safe intercourse (remain secure and safe!), creampie, general general general public intercourse (into the collection), rough intercourse, clothed sex, marking/biting, dirty talk, numerous sexual climaxes, overstimulation, dom!jungkook. (this might be simply a pwp.)

You hated Jeon Jungkook.

He was hated by you. Him, snapback atop his head and laughing obnoxiously with his buddies before the professor walked in on the first day of classes, you’d rolled your eyes and thought you knew exactly what he’d be about when you’d first laid eyes on. He had been trouble—most positively cocky and a lot of positively too www.camsloveaholics.com/female/bigirl stupid with this course.

Oh, just how wrong you’d been.

вћЇ After being obligated to listen to Yoongi along with his girlfriend fucking loudly into the available space close to their, Jungkook chooses that two can play that game.

pairing: yoongi x audience x jungkook

genre: university!au, smut, humor, a small fluff, oneshot

wordcount: 13.6k

warnings: masturbation, handjob, fingering, dirty talk, dental, rough intercourse, sloppy moments, auralism/voyeurism, small kink-shaming, slight blood/gore

“Oh, bang, yes. Yoongi, infant, harder. Please, much much harder.”

Jungkook squeezed their eyes closed, reaching for just one of their pillows to position it over their face. All he wished to do ended up being rest. All he wanted would be to concentrate on college and acquire through their core classes as soon as possible so he could work with the really intriguing and fun classes of their major. Just just just What he definitely didn’t need would be to need certainly to pay attention to their roomie fucking you into the room appropriate beside their.

“Right there. Oh my god, immediately. Yes, yes yes. Yoongi, fuck. You are loved by me a great deal.”

Jungkook grimaced, pushing the pillow over their ears because tightly as he could to drown out of the noise of one’s voice. He’d actually thought he’d hit the jackpot whenever this apartment was found by him. It had been near to campus. The lease had been affordable. There clearly was a number of dining establishments nearby along with a library and internet cafГ©. And Min Yoongi had felt good sufficient. Maybe maybe Not extremely friendly in the slightest, but he had been generous and quiet. The older kid stated he’d picked Jungkook away from every one of the interested events because he remembered just how difficult it’d been whenever he first began college. He desired to pass some kindness on to Jungkook which he wished he could’ve gotten along with offered Jungkook a rest as a result of it. Now 90 days in the semester, Jungkook ended up being more sure Yoongi had chosen him on the other applicants that are interested Jungkook ended up being shy. Timid and embarrassing and timid and never planning to say a solitary term about their overly-loud gf that rivalled perhaps the many vocal pornstar he’d ever watched.

Jungkook had absolutely nothing against you as an individual. He actually form of loved having you around whenever you weren’t locked inside Yoongi’s bed room. You’re far warmer than Yoongi, so much more friendly and outgoing than he had been definitely. You’re constantly wanting to include Jungkook, that you forced Yoongi to participate in or a simple movie night when Jungkook would awkwardly sit in the armchair while you cuddled with Yoongi on the couch whether it be a game night. You usually prepared if he wasn’t home yet for them, always making sure to make an extra plate for Jungkook even. You’d a particular knack to make Jungkook feel safe around you, reducing their anxiety in how which you never minded exactly how small he really talked.