payforaresearchpaper com – According to members of the PO, insight into the files of the tender allowed without the necessary certificates chairman of the subcommittee to re-examine Dr.

In contrast, it is worth noting at the end of the whole thing, the end that crowns the work. Poland, using the metaphor of the time, the metaphor of football: the first half we lost 2: 0 after two goals from suicide, and in the second half odrobilismy losses with a vengeance. Joint statement by the Polish prime ministers and Israel’s historical documents. it gives an unusual weapon in the hands of the Polish state, in the hands of Polish government “- rated Gowin.Podkreslil that for him, as a politician counts the final effect. “This effect is beneficial for Polish. After months, when in fact we, as a government, as well as little, as a state, pilloried the various allegations, often completely unfounded, have managed through fairly subtle negotiations, subtle political action to the fact that the Polish state a strengthened when it comes to politics and the struggle for historical truth about world war II “- the minister said nauki.Pytany of expression and negative entries on the Polish, which were published in January in the Internet, he said he did not belittled them. “That’s why for months engaged and I talked about the fact that this law (IPN) requires adjustment, regardless of the ruling of the Constitutional Court. On the other hand, I think that these millions of entries is foam. Maybe a little dirty foam, which for the moment will disappear, and is what is the essence of the essence of politics and history – will remain those statements (and Polish prime ministers of Israel.) even if today only a small part of world public opinion drew attention to the joint document, we have now the position of the State Department “- noted Gowin. “Polish prosecutor’s office, the Institute of National Remembrance, the instrument has to ensure that the way to fight the Civil Procedure zaklamaniami of false accusations at Polish” – dodal.Mowiac of the amended Act in January on the IPN admitted: “Some mistakes were made because we underestimated the international context and of how our intentions and wording of the provisions, which in our eyes contained nothing alarming, will be received by our partners in Israel, or more broadly – by the Jewish communities around the world. we’ve fixed this error. ” “In this case we thought a lot, learned the lessons and managed to perform – it once again emphasize – subtle effect, finesse action, through which the interests of Polish is now protected much better than it was before the adoption of the amendment,” – said Deputy Prime Minister. “We came to the conclusion that you need to make a rational and lying deep in the interests of Polish adjustments (…). yesterday’s vote (the Sejm) was preceded by months of discussion. I can only say that this amendment to the law voted yesterday on the IPN was unanimously supported by the government and almost unanimously by our club parliamentary party (PiS).

I believe that this is evidence of great maturity “- rated Gowin.Pytany, which prejudged, that law was amended on the IPN Deputy Prime Minister said:” it was a process and resulting internal dialogue, and to observe the effects of January’s amendment, and our discussions with partner ami Israeli, and I admit also, because I talked about it publicly in recent weeks repeatedly, also talks with US partners. “” I am delighted with today’s announcement of the Department of State, because it is not true what they say opposition politicians that our relations the Americans were shattered in previous months. On the contrary, these relations are excellent, but there was one in the name of the shadow, especially Polish security, the chance of permanent stationing of US troops in Poland, it was necessary to remove the shadow “- zaznaczyl.Rzeczniczka trend Heter State Department said in a statement issued on Wednesday evening (Thursday am Polish time) welcomed “welcomed the adoption of amendments to the Act on iN.” “the American authorities share the view that the terms burdening the Polish state responsibility for crimes committed by the Nazis in occupied Polish, such as + Polish death camps + are inappropriate and unfair “- said a spokeswoman for the American Ministry of foreign Affairs.” the best way to oppose such facts przeinaczaniu is unrestricted and free dialogue “- she added. Too high costs and harm the competitiveness of the company – justified its objection of seven Federal Council (the Swiss government), supporting his calculations of financial losses, which can be exposed to companies employing young fathers. According to the regulations in force in Switzerland the right to paid leave to care for children have only a mother. Young fathers can receive only one or two days leave for the birth dziecka.zobacz also: Switzerland: brother killer arrested from Marseille »Switzerland: Police shot a refugee who attacked other migrants» The government’s decision was a reaction to the initiative of a referendum on granting fathers new born baby more powers.

According to the proposal, they would even four weeks to use in the first year of life. Fathers at this time would receive 80 percent. remuneration paid insurance socjalnego.Rzad calculated that the average cost of such a program is 420 million Swiss francs per year. “This would create an additional burden for the economy and would be a big organizational challenge for companies” – says a study, adding that such a mechanism should be developed by employers and unions zawodowe.Decyzja government does not solve the problem eventually. In this case, the referendum will be written out. Set 100 thousand. paving the way signatures for a referendum was made in August 2017 year. Date of vote has not yet been ustalona.zobacz also: Switzerland: German woman accused Polanski of rape »Switzerland: Someone cut the toilet and dropped tens of thousands of euros” As the portal, the initiative are four organizations: union Travail Suisse, feminist organization F Alliance, a group of men with and pro-family organization Pro Familia Suisse. Authors of the project point out that Switzerland is the only European country that is not fully legally regulated parental leave. (PAP) Duda president said Monday after a meeting with representatives of the parliamentary clubs that because there is no agreement to change the Constitution, it proposes that in case you fail to choose the members of parliament in the National Court by a 3/5 majority of votes in the next stage, each MEP could only vote for one candidate. This proposal referred Karczewski: “The proposal for the project #PAD: in the case of parliamentary stalemate @PolskiSenat could settle the election of judges NCR, also on a 3/5″ – wrote on Twitterze.zobacz also president ws projects.

Judicial reform will go to tomorrow Sejm »on Monday, the president presented his draft laws on the National Council of the Judiciary and the Supreme Court. Reported that its draft law on the Supreme Court introduces, among others an extraordinary petition, the possibility of bringing an action against a final decision of any court. As he said, the project is also a record that the Supreme Court judges passed retire at the age of 65 years, with the possibility of an extension to the president to rule. According to the bill, the Supreme Court will also be created by the Disciplinary Chamber. Information about the alleged earnings Misiewicz said among “Republic”.

According to her former spokesman for the Ministry of Defense and former head of the political cabinet of the Minister Antoni Macierewicz, who has been the board representative for Polish Armament Group. Communication has to earn 50 thousand per month. zl and can count on a company car. Prussia announced that Polish Armaments Group writes to the media feed and duplicating this false information requests for rectification of the publication. “Even today, Polish Armaments Group SA will issue a statement concerning the employment of Mr. Bartholomew Misiewicz in the Company. This declaration will be forwarded to media representatives, as well as published on the website of SA PGZ” – she gave the deputy director of the Office of Communication and Promotion Polish Armament Group SA Luke Prus.Wczesniej the media reports were reacted Defense spokesman: “Writing nonsense and lies from the machine should be punished. Discussion with brukowcami which give false does not make sense” .Nadzor the state took over the Ministry of Defense reinforcement companies on behalf of the Treasury after the parliamentary elections 2015. PGZ shareholders are the Ministry of the Treasury and two state entities – the Industrial Development Agency and the Polish Defense Holding (former Bumar Group) .See also 50 thousand. zl monthly salary?

Misiewicz: Stupidity and lies »Misiewicz already worked in PGZ; 31 August 2016. Was appointed to the supervisory board. According to the media was changed for him articles of association, because he had no higher education and training course for members of supervisory boards. Defense Minister explained that Misiewicz is his direct representative in the PGZ, and in the armaments industry no requirements for education, count other qualities – loyalty, willingness to cooperate, responsibilities and decision-making – which has Misiewicz. AFTER protested; wanted to looked at the prosecutor’s office. Misiewicz said while it quietly waiting for an assessment of the prosecution because the law has not been broken.

In November of 2016. Prosecutor’s office refused to initiate sledztwa.27-year-old Misiewicz was a spokesman and head of the political cabinet of the Minister of Defense. Since the beginning of this function has been criticized by the opposition and some media. In the second half of September 2016. – after the publication of “Newsweek”, by which he was to propose a councilor PO Belchatow to join a coalition with the PiS, suggesting that in return provide them with employment in the state company – asked the defense minister to suspend the functions in the department and He resigned from his position on the supervisory board PGZ. To the Ministry of returned again in early December 2016., But his name was missing from the websites of the Ministry in early February 2017.

Previously, “fact” Misiewicz described the visit in the student club in Bialymstoku.O Misiewicz was questioned repeatedly Law and Justice deputy prime minister; He assured that the matter of his employment at the Defense Ministry is closed; March 23 said that Misiewicz has no function in the managerial role MON.W chief political office MON Misiewicz was replaced by Krzysztof Laczynski, a spokesman at work – first the Department of Media Operations Center Ministry of Defense, and since last Thursday – Major-Peziol Anna Wojtowicz. In March, contrary to the instructions of his advisers, telephone Trump congratulated Putin on his election victory and discussed with him possible meeting. After the interview, Trump said that in the near future he would like to meet with the Russian president, to discuss the issues of the arms race, North Korea, Ukraine and Syrii.Sanders also repeated on Monday that Trump is going to withdraw from Syria American military contingent, but does not yet schedule such operacji.Wczesniej Sanders issued a statement in which she wrote: “(President) wants US forces returned to the country as soon as possible” .After the chemical attack of 7 April, which took place in Duma near Damascus, as part of the retaliatory US, France and Britain have carried out on Saturday, in the morning, a series of air strikes on strategic facilities in Syria. Parents give 50 L 0 of the child (the second) operating pay increases, retired greater benefit. Frankowiczom relieve loans. Youth provide employment and housing. Give farmers protection of the earth.

Facilitate entrepreneurs (less bureaucratic) running companies. Miners provide employment. Taxpayers to guarantee a higher amount of tax-free, and every citizen – the possibility of early-deserved rest from the activity (read retirement at an earlier age). I did not mention everything, but I have one request – the government creates the good aunt. And as confirmed in the last six months, the aunt actually wants to be.

Not that he has fulfilled all the promises, but the most important one – about 500 zl – is already done, what amazes, because so far projects of this format require months, if not years, to move, if at all pretend. Policy goodness amazes me, because both in the life of the common man as well as a collective body, which is the government simply does not work. Especially when the promise is associated with money, and the aunt is not married to Bill Gates. Someone finally bills will have zaplacic.zobacz also: Six surprises after six months, the government »Advantages and vices of the PiS cabinet. Time for a first serious balance »If the government is a good aunt and hears all, I hope that it will listen to me. And I do not want to talk about money, privileges or some reform (in these discussions we have more than enough). I want a land of happiness there were two legal systems, because even though we are all equal before the law, in such a state of affairs that we have today with the Constitutional Court, which is not known to the law.

And I dream that the operation of existing rules in the country were not upset upside down just because they were introduced by someone else. Is the Prime Minister hear me? Domagalski-Labedzki, who was responsible for negotiations with Airbus Helicopters offset, told PAP that “the whole negotiating process was conducted in accordance with all procedures.” “None of unauthorized persons do not have access to any materials, documents or details of the negotiations carried on offsets” – said the former deputy minister, who in October 2016. Was president of KGHM. “The whole proceedings ended, in accordance with the approved schedule by both parties, in the absence of the possibility of obtaining a compromise with the foreign supplier, which is the risk of any negotiations,” – he added Domagalski-Labedzki.zobacz also Swieczkowski on investigation. Carace: Prosecutors deals the conclusion of the negotiations offset »He recalled that negotiations offset inter-led team, which was composed of representatives of Ministry of Defense.

He denied, however, that participated in the work of Dr. Waclaw Berczynski, Dr. Kazimierz Nowaczyk Misiewicz and Bartholomew. “I do not know these men,” – said Domagalski-Labedzki. On Monday, a PO applied to the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro, giving the prosecution 48 hours to the office addressed the issue of power by the defense minister Antoni Macierewicz, in connection with the disclosure of military secrets. According to members of the PO, insight into the files of the tender allowed without the necessary certificates chairman of the subcommittee to re-examine Dr.

Smolensk catastrophe. Waclaw Berczynskiemu, his deputy Dr. Kazimierz Nowaczykowi and the then head of the political office of the Ministry of Defense Bartholomew Misiewiczowi.zobacz: ws investigation.