Organize, design and carry out assessment and analysis of location certain and datasets that are humanitarian

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This place is situated in the Field Information Services Section (FIS), Suggestions Management Branch (IMB) for the workplace when it comes to Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), that is an element of the un Secretariat in charge of joining together humanitarian actors to make certain a response that is coherent emergencies. OCHA additionally guarantees there was a framework within which each star can subscribe to the response that is overall. OCHA’s objective is always to mobilize and coordinate effective and principled action that is humanitarian partnership with nationwide and worldwide actors to be able to alleviate individual suffering in catastrophes and emergencies; advocate the legal rights of men and women in need; market preparedness and avoidance and enhance sustainable solutions. The information and knowledge Management Branch (IMB) is in charge of strengthening the capability of OCHA to provide more legitimate, comprehensive and evidence-based awareness that is situational the humanitarian system, among the five key functions of OCHA. This Temporary Job Opening is actually for the career of data Management Officer, with FIS, IMB, in Turkey, Istanbul. The knowledge Management Officer states towards the mind regarding the Field Suggestions help area.


Within delegated authority, the information and knowledge Management Officer will likely be accountable for listed here duties: 1) Coordination: Liaise with senior OCHA administration on IM relevant dilemmas. Establish and continue maintaining an information administration working group in conformity with IASC guidance to facilitate humanitarian information change and also the advertising of information and information criteria; build relationships counterparts in federal government to ensure information tasks are coordinated and in keeping with nationwide criteria and techniques; offer training and expertise in the usage and growth of information administration tools and platforms to OCHA staff and humanitarian lovers; advocate for the usage of data criteria and typical platforms, and also for the available change of data.

Data Review:

Organize, design and carry out assessment and analysis of location certain and humanitarian datasets; take part in the growth, execution and handling of brand brand new indicators become incorporated into typical humanitarian datasets; know, document and make certain the caliber of high-value humanitarian information for precision, persistence and comparability. Support needs analysis activities, including humanitarian requirements overviews, additional information reviews, initial situation definitions and multi-cluster initial fast assessments; provide solid advice on evaluation design to make certain information quality. 3) information Visualization create and upgrade info products including top-quality map items, maps and infographics by switching data into graphical items to mention communications and a storyline; develop advocacy materials including posters, presentations as well as other artistic materials. 4) information Management Manage content on OCHA platforms, offer quality that is overall for the platform and make certain content is present, comprehensive and follows appropriate metadata criteria; make use of humanitarian partners on associated platforms such as for example agency and group information web web web sites and OCHA handled platforms to facilitate cross-site search and interoperability. 5) works other relevant duties, as needed.