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Discover tools and gain valuable insights that will infuse your polyamorous relationships with increased connection, passion, existence, playfulness, and desire.


Training healthy ways of linking with your self yet others through self inquiry, authentic relating, clear interaction, and much more, which means that your polyamorous relationships can thrive.


Generate new experiences that empower you to definitely make choices that serve everything you truly wish to have your self as well as all your open and polyamorous relationships.

Featured Polyamory and Open Union Blogs

Can It Be Essential To Turn Out As Polyamorous?

Sharing your status that is polyamorous with (aka developing as poly) will be your company as well as your company just. Who you really are and just how you’re in the globe is personal. I have that there surely is a lot of stress to most probably and truthful about who you really are and just how you’re living your daily life. […]

Polyamory & Communication: What’s Really Going On?

Correspondence is extremely essential in any type of relationship, particularly polyamorous relationships. Since important as its, just why is it so very hard to accomplish effectively? what exactly is it that keeps us from being really available and truthful with our family members? Why do we shy far from being 100% transparent? Most of the time, people […]

Polyamory & Infidelity – There’s One Other Way

It’s common for individuals to get into the global realm of polyamory when they have actually cheated on the partner. I actually do not endorse this. I have that some people have trouble with monogamy. That’s ok. What’s not alright is how they cope with their battle. Let’s be clear – there’s a healthy method to deal with concerns with […]


Laurie happens to be instrumental in supplying help in addition to a healthy and balanced viewpoint to my boyfriend to my relationship. The walk has been walked by her, and it has a desire for bringing the discussion about relationships – available, polyamorous, monogamous, or any place in between – to individuals. She doesn’t encourage her ideas that are own relationships, instead is quite skilled and extremely practical about producing exactly what two different people have an interest in having or checking out. I believe this woman is an mentor that is important any couple and I also have constantly sensed safe, confident, heard, and intellectually came across with Laurie.

Paige PrinceAustin, TX

Laurie is a great polyamorous relationship advisor. My family and I were at chances with one another, we’d both been involved with Polyamory functions but my partner did want the lifestyle n’t. We attempted a number of other counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and support that is various. We published in lots of discussion boards (about 7) asking for some knowledge of our specific situation. Mainstream coaches/counselors would not accept or comprehend polyamory relationships. Laurie ended up being the only individual who really comprehended our specific issue. She failed to push either of us and we also discovered to trust her. It had been hard at the beginning, there clearly was some very difficult, volatile, and psychological sessions. Laurie managed to manage these extremely tough sessions with professionalism and kindness while calmly control that is taking. In the long run, the understanding had been i will be Polyamorous and my spouse is Monogamous. It works for all of us. Without Laurie‘s guidance we might be divorced today. Many thanks Laurie!

Steve KopasAustin, TX

I need to state she is known by this lady material! I’m monogamous and Laurie is a lady We visit for relationship advice. Her expertise is assisting you be empowered in alternatives you will be making, seeing away from restricted views, and love that is finding play in every you are doing. She’s assisted me personally launch numerous old ideas and actions around relationships and life. We mixxxer price strongly recommend her mentoring and any work she offers!

Alyson Atma SimmsAustin, TX