Age of Consent in Texas

What’s the Age that is legal of in Texas?

The Age that is legal of in Texas is 17. The meaning of “Age of Consent” in Texas occurs when someone may consent to engage legally in sexual intercourse with someone. Texas Penal Code states that when someone becomes 17 years old these are typically competent to offer permission for sexual intercourse with someone else.

Texas Penal Code Section 21.11 and Penal Code area 22.011 defines the legal Age of Consent in Texas. Penal Code Section 21.11 prohibits conduct that is sexual a youngster more youthful compared to chronilogical age of 17 and Penal Code Section 22.011 defines intimate attack of a young child and describes a young child as anyone underneath the chronilogical age of 17.

When an individual is not any longer underneath the chronilogical age of 17 they have been considered in Texas to allow you to providing permission for sexual intercourse.

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Age of Consent Outside Texas

Only a few states share the age that is same of. The chronilogical age of permission can are normally taken for 14 to 18 years old throughout the united states of america. Some states could have special rules if a person associated with individuals is finished the appropriate age of consent, but under 21.

The appropriate Age of Consent for states bordering Texas:

  • Arkansas: 16 – anybody beneath the chronilogical age of permission is regarded as to be mentally not capable of consenting to intercourse. Therefore, if a grownup has intercourse with a small underneath the chronilogical age of permission, the adult might be faced with statutory rape. In Arkansas, an individual should be at the very least 16 years old to be able to consent to sex.
  • Louisiana: 17 – as an example, with regards to a three years age difference, a 13 yr old can consent to intercourse with somebody who is 16 years of age, however a 15 yr old may well not consent to intercourse by having a 18 yr old. Nevertheless, an individual 17 or older can consent to possess intercourse with an individual of any age.
  • brand New Mexico: 17 – In brand New Mexico, the chronilogical age of permission is 17 years of age. If a grown-up (an indiv >STATE

Chapter 21. Sexual Offenses


  1. An individual commits an offense if, with a kid more youthful than 17 years, if the kid is of the identical or sex that is opposite the individual:
    1. Engages in sexual contact with the young kid or causes the kid to take part in intimate contact; or
    2. with intent to arouse or gratify the desire that is sexual of individual:
      1. reveals the person’s anal area or any an element of the person’s genitals, once you understand the son or daughter exists; or
      2. causes the son or daughter to reveal the child’s rectum or any an element of the child’s genitals.
  2. Its an affirmative protection to prosecution under this part that the star:
    1. had not been a lot more than 36 months more than the target and of the opposite gender;
    2. failed to utilize duress, force, or perhaps a hazard contrary to the target during the period of the offense; and
    3. At the right period of the offense:
      1. had not been needed under Chapter 62, Code of Criminal Procedure, to join up for a lifetime as being an intercourse offender; or
      2. had not been a one who under Chapter 62 possessed a reportable conviction or adjudication for the offense under this part.
  1. b-1. It really is a defense that is affirmative prosecution under this part that the star had been the partner associated with the kid at the time of the offense.
  1. In this area, “sexual contact” means the next acts, if committed with all the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual interest of every individual:
    1. any touching by an individual, including pressing through clothes, regarding the rectum, breast, or any area of the genitals of a kid; or
    2. any touching of any area of the human body of a kid, including touching through clothes, with all the anal area, breast, or any an element of the genitals of someone.
  2. An german brides club offense under Subsection (a)(1) is a felony regarding the 2nd level as well as an offense under Subsection (a)(2) is just a felony associated with the third degree.

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